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By the mid 1920s the movement was at its strongest with 5 million members. Only. Wasps, white Anglo Saxon Protestants : The term for Early Immigrants. Could join the Klan. The KKK discriminated against black people, Roman Catholics, Jews and Mexicans.

Members of the Klan often killed black people by hanging without trial (lynching rope Law, rope Law : Members of the Ku Klux Klan killed black people by hanging them without trial (lynch) and often took the law into their own hands. It was difficult for the government to change the attitudes of the whites in the south - and politicians were scared of losing votes. In 1925 David Stephenson, the Klan Indiana Grand Dragon, was found guilty of causing serious injuries to a woman on a train in Chicago. Sometimes the local police could not protect the victims and even took part in the killings. Those responsible were not brought to justice very often, and Klan members knew that their friends in the courts would not find them guilty.

The membership of the Klan fell by 1928 - by then its membership had fallen to a few hundred thousand members. Document, kKK and naacp (PDF file 195 kb back to The USA, A nation of contrasts, index).

Print, history, the main political and social challenges facing America, who were the KKK? What did they do? Who were the KKK and what did they do? The Ku Klux Klan was a racist group established by people who believed that white people were better and wanted to see black people remaining slaves. It began in the southern states at the end of the American Civil War in 1865. The movement was revived in 1915 by William J Simmons. It grew quickly and by 1921 it had over 100,000 members.

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