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Course of treatment traitement m as a matter of course (routinely) automatiquement Shouldn't I be told all this as a matter of course? Don't think you have to tip as a matter of course: it's not compulsory. Creative writing course n atelier m d'écriture damp course (British) n barrière f d'étanchéité damp-proof course n barrière f d'étanchéité degree course n (British) to do a degree course faire une licence to do a degree course in faire une licence de foundation course n (British) cycle m préparatoire (dans une université) golf course n terrain m de golf, golf. Course of lectures série f de conférences golf course terrain m race course (for horses) champ m de courses, hippodrome m, (for cars) circuit m, (for runners) piste f (part of meal) plat m the next course le plat suivant the main course le plat principal the first course l'entrée The first course was soup with delicious crusty rolls. Le mieux serait de. Course of action river cours m. The course of the Ganges. (lessons) cours m a French course un cours de français to go on a course (training course) faire un stage The people on the course are really nice.

Course of action n ligne f de conduite this would be the best course of action We have decided on this course of action for one reason alone. Pondering the pros and cons before opting for a particular course of action course requirements n (for university) conditions requises pour être admis à suivre des cours à l'université conditions requises pour. Chaque jour est un parcours du combattant en ce moment. The Government seems to have created a more demanding obstacle course for aspiring students than ever before. Orientation course n séance f d'information refresher course n (British) cours m de recyclage sandwich course n stage m de formation en alternance soup course n potage m survival course n cours m. Course work, coursework n (students' work) devoirs mpl Some 20 per cent of marks are awarded for coursework. (method of assessment) contrôle m continu crash course n (short course) cours m intensif Crash courses in Arabic were arranged. A staff training course companies that offer dubious training courses to would-be EFL teachers When she was unemployed, she attended a training course to perfect her keyboard skills. Vacation course n cours mpl de vacances.