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By Stuart Thomas: Senior Reporter on 12 June, 2012, youTube is about more than videos of cats, or skaters falling over. The worlds most popular video-sharing platform is also now a repository for classic films, a movie rental service and a sports broadcaster. Among the semi-finalists is Letting Go by South African, Daniel McCauley. The film portrays an old lady on her death-bed, who is visited by a man in a suit, whose job is to convince her to die having forgiven the pains of her past. Watch. Love, Brad Herbert (USA) Good Pretender, Maziar Lahooti (Australia scruples, Adrian Powers (Australia the Telegram Man, James Francis Khehtie (Australia then and Now, Paul Johannessen (Japan) Wickate, Niralji Ravishanker (Malaysia fish, Shaun Escayg (USA the Return Address, Abi Varghese (USA bench Seat, Anna Mastro (USA) Learning Spanish the Hard Way, Eric Stolze (USA sold, John Irwin (USA the Drought. Eager to prove his geek credentials, he allowed himself to be thrown in the deep and did his best stay afloat. When not fused with his keyboard, you can find him. Full., Niam Itani (Lebanon this Time, Ramy EL-Gabry (Egypt) Photo For Baba, Harel Yana Moti Malka (Israel on My Doorstep, Anat Costi (Israel skin of Glass, Lukas Dhont (Belgium) Ter Ter, David Lucchini Fabien Carrabin (France secular Quater #3, David Gidali (USA skatesistan: To live and skate in Kabul, Orlando von Einsiedel (United Kingdom) Ill Keep an Eye on You.

Im Gegensatz zu anderer Software wird die gesamte Umwandlung auf unserer Infrastruktur durchgeführt, außerdem ist unser Dienst völlig kostenlos. Alle Konvertierungen werden mit bestmöglicher Qualität durchgefürt und bieten eine Bitrate von mindestens 128kbit/s.

A grand-prize winner will then be named by a special jury, which includes Sir Ridley Scott and acclaimed actor, Michael Fassbender, and awarded a US500 000 YouTube original production grant to work with Scott Free.

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