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Growing up in South London, Des'ree's introduction to music came from her parents who, coming to Britain from the Caribbean, brought with them their island sounds, enabling their daughter to experience reggae, calypso and jazz along with British pop music.

An avid reader from an early age, she soon found herself moving from studying poetry to writing it, condensing everything she learned from her culture, history and life experiences and setting it to music. Another landmark experience in that year was her performance at the first ever secular concert at the Vatican and subsequently having a personal audience with the Pope to receive a blessing.

As a result Des'ree's second album, "I Ain't Movin has sold in excess of 1.6 million worldwide. In fact the impact of the song around the world has been so great that "You Gotta Be" was selected to go on the tribute album for Diana, Princess Of Wales. The scene launched them to superstardom and Des'ree's music is intimately associated with that moment. Now, with her third album "Supernatural Des'ree returns to an arena which has seen the rise of many imitators in recent years, each emphasising a particular aspect of her genre defying style. Gold album and single in Australia, gold album in Canada, gold album in Brazil. Gold album in UK "You Gotta Be video: Most played video on VH1 (USA) ever (at that time) "You Gotta Be" video: nominated for 2 MTV (USA) awards, iaaam award.

It's a style of composition that hasn't changed over the years. Finding her own voice out of that initial decision has been an interesting adventure that Des'ree has undertaken sometimes alone, sometimes in partnership.

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